Portfolio Planning Game

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For the final project, my teacher has chosen us to do a portfolio. In this blog I am informing of what I am to do within my portfolio, I have chosen to do the following;  narrative essay, a webpage, a blog, and a concept map.
I chose the argumentative essay over a persuasive or narrative essay because since the novel is told in first person and being non-fictional there is nothing to persuade over and narrative would be more difficult trying to retell a story of death. I do believe that what Krakauer wrote and published to be a reliable source on the disaster of ’96 on Mt Everest.

Secondly, I chose to do a webpage. In choosing this I believe it will bring the attention to the air when looking at because I can add maps, pictures, and stories on it. The audience will be able to get a visual on what the group dealt with.

Thirdly, I chose in doing another blog. I chose another blog because I have been writing blogs throughout this course and am very comfortable in doing so. Also, I have already written 4 blogs on Into Thin Air so I believe this is a wise choice.

Lastly, I chose to add a concept map to my portfolio. I believe this to be a wise choice because it can help me with my other parts for my final project as all my thoughts and opinions will be thoroughly organized with the facts.


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