Second Third of Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer

Throughout the second third of the novel Into Thin Air is explaining day by day the story of the climb of Mt Everest. Jon Krakauer is the ultimate main character in the novel, therefore I am going to explain him.

Krakauer is the adventurist in the story, he was born in 1954 in Oregon. His father was also an adventurist, where he introduced his son at the age of 8 into his world. After graduation he spent his time focused on work, where as the next chapter of his life was devoting his time to climbing. After that climbing became a huge portion of his life, although all things must die off at some point. As he had did little and little climbing as he got older.

Krakauer was asked to do an article on Everest, he decided it was time to go back to his old self and do what made him happy. He decided he was going to climb Mount Everest.


A character Krakauer reminds me of is Aron Ralston in 127 Hours. I find both these characters to distinguish similar traits. Along with the major trait being their love for adventure, I mean who else would do what these two have done? Ralston was trapped for five entire days wearing a T-shirt and shorts and having minimum water. His hand was crushed and he faced the end decision of realizing help was not coming so he had to cut his own hand off to escape. In the end, he was found and got well. I find these characters similar due to the factor of being outdoorsy men who enjoy climbing. They both face similar tasks and remain calm and use knowledge to help get out safely as possible.


Throughout the book I believe Krakauer is the one of the brainier characters. I believe since he has been climbing mountains since a very young age we should expect great things to come from him. I have a feeling that near the end of the book he is going to come to a point where he has to make an important decision and he will pick the harder one but end up getting through it with instincts and knowledge.


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