Final Third of “Into Thin Air” – Jon Krakauer

When I finished the book my mind was just in awe about what I have read. The details were so precise throughout while the emotions were so bold I could feel the impact and the pain hit me with every line.  I found that the last third of the book was were the story came to life, all the action and adventure takes place within the last chapters.

I found the book to have no bad signs pointing towards the women. I found the fact that since the story is entirely based surrounding Krakauer that if the woman were not present around him then they would not be mentioned more in the novel. Although, they included woman throughout the novel even included woman climbers.


The lady in the image is Sandy Pittman, an employee of NBC. She had attempted climbing Everest twice prior to the final climb. She was determined to be the first woman to climb every highest mountain in all 7 continents and was being noticed for having high odds in doing so.



To the left is Helen Wilton, the manager of the base camp. She was an important part because she had the job where in times of crisis she was in charge of warning everyone and safely getting them out.



I found this book to have an equal share in the roles the men and women were given. Woman were respected and represented as being capable of doing job men are capable of doing.

The climbers were all different races and had different religions which I found nice considering some people to this day are against being with anyone other than their own culture which can disgust me. I found this book very appealing with the way woman and other cultures were represented.



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