Best Theory for “Into Thin Air” – Jon Krakauer

After doing three blogs on the novel Into Thin Air from reader response, archetypal, and feminist. I believe the reader response gives a better in tell on the novel itself. I believe this because it is a non-fictional story told in first person, therefore it only seems appropriate that the reader response gives more knowledge.

The feminist point of view would work better I think if the author was a woman, although the fact is the women would still need to be around the author and with this particular story I find it difficult to add that.

The archetypal point of view was also difficult to piece together from it being non-fiction. I found trying to place who was who was more difficult as each person showed strong and weak points throughout their battle.

I strongly believe the reader response gave the most in tell because I found the story interesting which kept me engaged. I found myself reading quicker and quicker looking at the storyline and how it was progessing. I also found myself remembering the characters well which is something I sometimes forget.

The disadvantage I found with the story being solely from Jon Krakauer is it can raise more questions than answered. I know that in 127 Hours, Aron Ralston was dehydrated and had lack of food which caused him to start hallucinating. How do I know that with the minimum that Krakauer ate was enough to remember every detail without overlooking it and to know it was what actually happened? Also, it would be better if some other authors were involved in this book because it could answer the questions of what was happening all around the climbers to help out.


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