Musical Remixes


Remix by definition is a different version of a musical recording produced by remixing. I chose to do this blog specifically about the remixing of music. The “new” hit songs being played are in fact remakes of older ones. Quite often my mother and I will be driving along singing to these songs and to my surprise she can actually keep up, when questioned she replies with “Lex, it’s just a remix of a song from my era”. Much to my surprise we curiously google the song she believed to be the sole base of the creation and in fact is similar in many aspects.

The two songs “Bring It On Home” seem to be rip offs instead of remixes, the tempo is the same along with the title and in similarity the lyrics. Again, the definition of remix comes into play between the songs “Dazed and Confused” with noticeably having the same title have exquisitely similar lyrics. Though, the tempo changes.

“The Lemon Song” and “Killing Floor” are also remarkably similar although, I find that this is a remix. The tempo of one is slightly more upbeat than the other and the lyrics differ. “Stairway To Heaven” is a remix of “Taurus” as the instruments in “Taurus” are a large group than in “Stairway To Heaven”.

The band never stated the songs were original, due to minimal changes. Although, I believe the songs were borderline covers more so remixes. The notes through the lyrics differed as well as the original sound.  I believe that though they borrowed work from other artists without using pieces from a variety they intact were not ripping off the other artists.

In conclusion, to avoid ripping off artists you should be cautious and wary on what you take for creating your song. If the sound in other song matches the theme and the lyrics the tempo should be altered. Along with the lyrics, nothing should be taken and solely be told it is your own work.


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