Falsely Conviction of Adnan Syed

Syed Bars

The world is a dark, mysterious place filled of both good and evil. Humans are a species that evolved from apes and believe to concur the world, although some take this power to a new extent. Killing one another has been happening for centuries, whether it be a torture method used in kingdoms, for amusement somehow, or plainly because you did not like the person due to some event. The world is full of murders, which look the same as anyone, despite the stereotypes of “what a murderer looks like”. Adnan Syed is a man blamed for a crime he may not of committed.

I stand for justice, despite the religion, culture, gender, sexuality, or colour. I just want the person committing the sins and evil to be stopped, not killed just put away for good.

In 1999, a tragedy occurred which leaves police stumped. A popular teenage girl named Hae Min Lee disappears one day, weeks later her body was discovered… Police take ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed and colleague Jay Wilds into questioning. Though Wilds story seems certain, Syed has no reasonable alibi expect for one person, yet the difficulty is the person can not be found. Syed was sentenced to prison and life in it as well. While Wilds story finally comes to the conclusion of helping bury the body, Syed has never admitted to killing Lee. Sarah Koenig takes matter into her own hands and digs deeper, she uncovers a much more twisted and complicated story that no one could ever imagine.

Many called Syed “The Golden Child”, he was likable and people thoroughly enjoyable. Syed’s family was Muslims and did not allow Adnan to have a girlfriend. This was used against him because he did lie to his family about partying and having a girlfriend, as well as throwing everything away for a girl.

Jay Wilds was the drug dealer for Syed. Wilds story has holes throughout, his story is consistently changing. Which for me I believe that when criminals are being cornered go under pressure and while twist the story and blame others for what they did. I also believe that the fact that Wilds is not concerned to call the police about the actions. He states that he drove Adnan back to school to be seen and put as an alibi.

Syed was sent letters stating that he does have alibis and that other saw him too.

I believe that Adnan is innocent to the extent of not killing Lee, although I believe the story Wilds said was actually the roles backwards. The fact that people have not looked into Syed’s alibis who are detailed oriented is suspicious. I believe that the trial was solely based to help Wilds get off and throw Syed under the bus.


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