Serial Podcast

This podcast began with the explanation of the story that would be covered. Serial is about a high school student, who is believed by many people in the community to be a victim of a wrongful conviction. This conviction being of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Han Lee.

It opens with Sarah Koenig (the author) discussing the challenges of memory and how much of an impact it has on this case. Everything that is put up against Adnan to our knowledge is based on one students memory of that day.

The first episode takes you through the other accounts and theories for the murder while providing a somewhat biased view towards Adnan (The one with the ‘wrongful’ conviction). We don’t really hear much from anyone that is against Adnan except from the one who provided the case against him in the first place. This leads listeners to have more evidence of his innocence.

We also don’t hear from Han’s or Adnan’s families. Having the podcast becoming so popular could bring vastly different feelings for both sides. Adnan’s family could be feeling relief that they might get justice for their son, while Han’s family could be feeling uneasy as the idea that their daughter’s murderer was never caught.

The benefits of this type of media outlet is being able to hear the people that it involves although doesn’t allow you to reread over missed parts.



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