English Debate

Should English in Grade 12 Be Required For University?

I strongly believe that ENG4U should be a requirement for all university admissions, in fact ENG4U is classified as in the top 6 university admissions for Ontario. English should definitely play a role in weighing the grade for your university profession, although I do not believe it should be a high weighing factor if the student is not pursuing into an english major degree. If the individual is applying for a science or math degree where the grades are strongly involving that specific area of courses then I believe that english should not be a high mark weighing into the admission average.


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English is a course that most people belittle, due to the fact that it is not including experiments like the sciences or playing games such as gym. Although belittled this course is actually very useful in ways many overlook. It is said that a baby can hear it’s parents talking while in the belly of the mother and in fact is able to learn the language and the voice of whom is speaking. Once born this individual will slowly be learning the language the family speaks, in Canada the official languages are English and French. The moment you walk into a preschool knowing the minimum basics of english you are put to work learning. You learn the alphabet; how to speak each letter, how to recognize each letter, and how to write each letter. As your age increases the letters in the alphabet create words, each bigger than the last, soon you’ll be writing sentences. After you know how to write sentences teachers will be teaching you how to write stories which progresses into essays. By grade 9, I was learning how to write reports; business, books, etc. Depending on your chosen career, the language doesn’t change.

English is used everywhere, you need to know how to pull information together to explain what is happening in each step. An engineering primarily needs to succeed in maths and sciences, although needs to write reports on the steps being made throughout the progress. Also, if you are planning to go in the business industry you will need to be able to create presentations, reports, slides, etc for meetings to demonstrate progress.

Although english may not be your strong era it is an important course that should be required for all university students, yet the weighing of the english grade should vary on the program you apply for.






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